Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Homemade Center-pull Yarn Ball Winder

 Supplies needed:
  • Kraft Parmesan Cheese container, wash and remove label and lid
  • sharp scissors that will cut through plastic
  • emery board
  • 1 rubber band
 First, cut the top and bottom off the container. Then, make a hole near the top. Use the emery board on the cut edges to smooth them out. Add the rubber band to the top, just under the hole you made.
 To use, thread the yarn through the hole from the outside to the inside and tie a looped knot to keep it from being pulled through the hole.
 Wrap the yarn in varying directions to form a ball. The rubber band helps to hold it in place. When you have all the yarn wrapped around the cylinder, use a crochet hook to draw the end under a layer of yarn. Then, cut the knot to release the ball of yarn and slide it off the end of the tube.
There you go, a center-pull yarn ball. Incidentally, I've found that balling yarn this way is also easier on my hands.

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